Send us a message if you would like to inquire further about the availability and costs of the hotel rooms and residences at the Prince Hotel. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to indicate the type of room that you are looking for. And you should also include the dates for your reservation in the message as well. We will check to see if there are any requested rooms that are available for those dates, and then we will reply to your message.

You may also contact us if you would like to reserve a function room for an event, or if you would like to reserve some seats for a restaurant inside of the Prince Hotel. Just message us in advance to arrange all of your reservations.

You can send the hotel management a message through this website. Any further suggestions for any guests who have stayed at the Prince Hotel can also be sent through this messaging system as well. Please do not hesitate to send us any suggestion on improving our facilities and services. We, at the Prince Hotel, always strive to improve the hospitality services that we offer. So we take seriously any suggestion from our guests. You can rest assured that we will do our best to remedy any situation or problem that has occurred during your stay at the Prince Hotel. The suggestions that any guests send us will be very much appreciated. And we use that information to improve upon our hotel services.