Authentic Malaysian cuisine can be yours if you choose to dine at one of the many restaurants that are located in the Prince Hotel. There are multiple Asian restaurants that you can eat at if you want to dine somewhere in the Prince Hotel. The restaurants at the hotel have all been featured in local publications, and they have also been awarded many praises as well. You will truly love eating at one of the restaurants in the Prince Hotel. You would also be offered a wide variety of culinary choices, with the following restaurants.

Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant located in the Prince Hotel will serve some mouth-watering Chinese dishes. If you love Chinese food, you will not be disappointed with the dishes that you can order at this restaurant. You have got the option to order some savory classic Chinese dishes, which are prepared by professionally trained chefs.

Japanese Restaurant

The Japanese restaurant in the hotel is staffed by chefs trained in Japanese cooking. You would be able to sample some really authentic Japanese cuisine if you decide to eat the Japanese restaurant at the Prince Hotel.

Hotel Buffet

Guests may also dine at the buffet that is offered all of the time in the hotel restaurant. There is a wide range of international foods that are being offered at the hotel buffet. And you will surely be able to find something that will appeal to your palate if you choose to eat the hotel buffet that is being offered. The buffet’s menu also changes during special events, so you may want to visit the hotel during holidays, to try out the buffet.

Bar and Lounge

The hotel also has got a bar and lounge located on its mezzanine. From there, you can see the people come and go from the restaurant. You could also grab a drink and relax at the bar and lounge. There is even a smoking area, that you can go to if you need to have a cigarette.

Terrace and Poolside Grill

Want to relax by the pool? No problem! You can choose the eat at the Alfresco cafe and grill by the swimming pool. This could be the perfect restaurant to eat at, as you can order food and go swimming at the same time. You would be able to enjoy the coolness of the swimming pool, while at the same time have some great grilled food as well.

Every meal that you eat at one of the restaurants inside of the Prince Hotel is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The hotel restaurants are also available for reservations. This would make the perfect places to host formal dinners, such as business functions or rehearsal dinners. Guests only need to contact the hotel’s main office to make reservations at one of the restaurants. It will truly be a magical experience if you choose to have a formal dinner at one of the hotel restaurants that you can find at the Prince Hotel.