Do Post-Pregnancy Belly Wraps Work and Are They Safe?

Regardless of who you consult with the question. Wraps new moms used in compressing their tummies to pre-pregnancy shapes are sent from above. To a percentage of individuals, this is nothing more snake oil sold to native women in need of fitness by any means necessary, thus making them try anything at all to achieve fitness. Momming explains how to get your abs and stomach back after birth and as you go on further with this article, you will be faced with the good, the bad and more or less the ugly truth about these devices.

The Good

The good news with these wraps is that most individuals swear by them, including celebrity moms like Jessica Alba. Furthermore, there is medical support on ground suggesting that by using a band or a wrap to have your abdominal region gently compresses benefits the mom in so many ways as given below:

  • Help you lose inches in no time
  • Helps in water retention in the belly
  • It supports that undesired baggy baby skin
  • It assist in shrinking the uterus to its normal size
  • It assists in supporting the back the stage of breastfeeding

The Bad

It is only right that as post-pregnancy belly wraps have a number fans that they also have to themselves a number of critics. Fitness professionals and doctors have rejected these claims that these products do anything more than giving mothers false hope. In fact, a percentage of individuals feel that manufacturers are making profits from one of the most susceptible people in our society.

Rather than investing their funds and time on these belly wraps that are nothing more than compression garments, it is advised that moms stick to an exercise regime and healthy diet as the most effective means of getting into that pre-pregnancy shape. What is important to take note of is that a very small percentage of medical expert made claims that these devices were harmful to new mothers. Their disagreement is a result of them not believing that this belly wraps work.

Conferring to this article where momming explains how to get your abs and stomach back after birth; it is advised that you continue wearing the belly wraps for about 1-2 months after putting to bed.