The Prince Hotel has got a lot of facilities, which guests can avail of. The hotel has got a spa, restaurant, swimming pool, garden and so much more. The hotel is renowned for the facilities that it has. And if you are going to stay somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, you should stay at the Prince Hotel. There are just so many facilities and amenities that this hotel can offer you. And you would be able to enjoy your time at the hotel even more if you availed of the amenities that are being other at the hotel facilities.

Mandara Spa

The hotel has got a spa located on the 10th floor. At the Mandara spa, you can truly relax as much as you want. You could choose to get a full-body massage or a relaxing steam sauna bath. Whatever, you choose to do in the spa, you can definitely find relaxation.

Kid’s Club

If you have got kids, you can drop them off at the Kid’s club in the Prince Hotel. The club offers a great time for your kids. They can do all sorts of fun activities and your children are also watched over by professional caretakers.

Swimming Pool Area

Families and couples can also swim together in the pool at the hotel. The swimming pool is luxurious large, and you would be able to have so much fun if you swam in it. The pool is also a great way to cool off from the tropical heat in Kuala Lumpur.

Outdoor Landscape Garden

You can also stroll through the tropical garden that is located at the Prince Hotel. The garden at the hotel is fully landscaped. And you would feel as if you are really escaping from reality if you choose to stay at the hotel itself. You would be amazed at how relaxing the garden truly is.

Poolside Grill

Eating grilled food by the pool is possible if you eat the at the grill in the Prince Hotel. The hotel offers alfresco dining by the pool. So you would be able to have a really enjoyable time the Prince Hotel, swimming and eating some delicious barbecued food.

Hotel Restaurant

The hotel also has a fully-serviced and fine dining restaurant. If you just want to have a delicious dinner, you can have some at the restaurant in the hotel. You would also be able to reserve the restaurant space for events and formal dinners. You will be served some delicious food at the restaurant in the hotel.

These are just some of the facilities that you can avail of if you stay at one of the rooms at Prince Hotel. You would love being able to stay at this hotel because there are so many facilities that you can make use of. All of the guests are at the Prince Hotel are entitled to try out any of the facilities that are located in the Prince Hotel. If you want to relax or eat some good food, then why not go to the Prince Hotel?