GroomingAdepts can make hirsute Malaysian men look their very best


Let’s get one thing clear, many Malaysian men are actually smooth skinned. Regardless of how hard they try, they cannot, for the life of them, grow a mustache. In fact, many Malaysian men are like Filipino men. They let their facial hair grow out, but the best look they can manage, as far as beards and mustaches and any other type of long facial hair is concerned, is that Fu Manchu look.

You know exactly what I’m talking about – where the sides of the mustaches are very long, and there’s a long goatee, and that’s pretty much it. You can forget about a full neck beard or a full beard that pretty much covers half your face.

I tried growing a beard once and it looked really bad. I just did not have the facial hair to pull it off. We’re not just talking about length here. Your facial hair must be thick enough otherwise you’ll look scraggly or ‘off.’ Not a good look.

Well, if you are lucky enough to be hirsute, which is a fancy word for being hairy, and you are a Malaysian, you need to go to GroomingAdepts.

The big problem with being hirsute is that it’s very tempting to just grow out your facial hair. Now, this is actually an exciting thing because it shows off your ability to grow facial hair. Again, not all Malaysian men are able to do this. In fact, not all Southeast Asian men have enough facial hair. We’re talking about Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, and Indonesian men.

There are only a relatively few who have the genes that are required to come up with a full, thick beard. If you have this or if you’re somewhere in the middle, go to GroomingAdepts so you can get the proper inspiration for proper trimming and grooming.

You have to remember that your beard can grow out in such a way that you look like just every other bearded guy. That’s probably not the kind of look you’re looking for. Seriously.

You’re looking to be noticed. You’re looking to put your distinct personal stamp in any kind of social interaction you find yourself in. You don’t want to be yet another face in the crowd. You don’t want your personal style to fall in between the cracks, but that’s precisely what’s going to happen if you just grow out your hair.

It needs to be styled. It needs to be guided. It also needs the right assistance from a wide range of facial hair care products. This way, you can look your very best.

Do yourself a big favor, don’t be lazy. Don’t think that just because you can grow a lot of hair in a relatively short period of time that you have the beard game locked down. It’s more complicated than that. You have to be proactive instead of reactive. You can’t be lazy about this.

Do yourself a big favor, look your very best by checking out GroomingAdepts and getting the right kind of information to truly stand out from the crowd.