High quality remote hotel server hosting needs a thorough Linode vs DigitalOcean comparison


If you are running a hotel business, you probably are thinking that you can just pick any server company to handle your reservation systems. I can’t say I blame you. After all, your forte is all about running a hotel company. You’re all about guest relations, you’re all about delivering a solid, standardized experience each and every time.

You’re also probably focused on logistics because you have many different suppliers, you have many different issues to take care of, and there are probably all sorts of minor fires that break out in your business and a lot of your emotional and intellectual energy are focused on these.

I get all that.

But the problem is, if you believe that you can pick your hotel booking system the same way you would pick the hosting company for your hotel company’s online presence, you would be badly mistaken.

You have to remember that a lot of hotels now take online reservations. We’re not just talking about people going to a website after loading a URL, whipping out their credit cards, booking a room, and paying for everything online. That’s the easy stuff.

The hard stuff really involves mobile devices because 60% of all hotel bookings are actually made through mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. In this situation, your infrastructure needs are slightly different because you have to code your websites differently and, most importantly, there has to be a tight integration between your hotel’s online presence and your payment processing, booking, and other infrastructure. This requires a very robust database.

As you probably already know, things do get knocked loose. Things do fall apart. And if you’re not very careful, you stand to lose a lot of business because, let me tell you, when people load hotel booking websites and they can’t get through, most of the time, that’s going to be their first and only attempt at getting a booking from your site.

I know, you probably have worked hard to build a brand. You probably have bent over backwards to create some sort of reputation for your hotel. In fact, if you run a typical hotel, you may be even be considered to be some sort of local institution. I’m sorry to say, but none of that really matters. Seriously.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been in business, it doesn’t matter whether people pass on the word about your amazing hotel services from generation to generation, it doesn’t matter how big your building is in your local area. None of that is relevant because when people try to reserve online and they do not get the experience that they feel that they deserve, they go away. That’s the bottom line. Most of them will never return.

So I don’t want to scare you, but this is the reality that you have to wrap your mind around. You have to develop the right sense of urgency to make this happen and to deliver solid value. Otherwise, you’re going to be putting your company at a serious competitive disadvantage.

How do you make heads or tails of this very challenging situation? It may seem like it’s all technical. In fact, if you are the typical hotel manager or hotel owner, this might seem like it’s all Greek to you. After all, hosting involves all sorts of technical terms like databases, bandwidth, data centers, internet networks. It just seems so complicated.

Well, here’s the thing, if you are really serious about getting the very best server platform for your hotel booking system, you need DigitalOcean hosting. DigitalOcean has made quite a name for itself, but a lot of people complain that it’s too expensive. A lot of people say that it has certain disadvantages.

Now, the good news is, we live in an open market. There is a global market for hosting and there are many alternatives out there. One of the most famous is Linode hosting. Linode has made quite a name for itself. A lot of big companies use Linode hosting. In fact, a lot of heavy duty enterprises use this platform.

Now, you may be thinking that Linode is the way to go, but you really need to make an informed decision by making sure that you look at a page where all the specifications as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each hosting option is laid out. I’m not just talking about listing everything out. I’m talking about presenting them in plain English, so people with absolutely no hosting exposure or even training can make a truly informed decision.

For an in-depth analysis and a point by point Linode vs DigitalOcean comparison, click here. We have taken the time and the liberty to lay out all the advantages, disadvantages, and strategic implications of going with Linode vs DigitalOcean and vice versa.

You have to understand that when it comes to hosting, no two services are really alike. They really aren’t. They have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. You have to be clear about these factors if you want to map out the right infrastructure planning trajectory for your business. That’s how crucial it is.

And if you were to just basically go with reputation or with brand, chances are quite high that you will probably be disappointed. I know that sounds like bad news, but that’s also the truth. As the old saying goes, the truth shall set you free.

There’s a lot of mythology out there regarding hosting. A lot of companies actually go out of their way to fan the flames of these myths and misconceptions because, somehow, some way, it benefits them.

Well, we’re giving you the straight dope here.

We’re giving you the inside scoop. We want you to make the right decision time and time again because we know that once people go to your hotel booking site and they cannot book your hotel, you’re out of business. Seriously. Because sooner or later, word will get out. Sooner or later, people will associate your hotel brand with bad service and low quality.

Here at princhotelkl.com, we are very serious about hotel experiences. We’re very serious about making sure we deliver solid value to people visiting Kuala Lumpur and other cities that we service. This is why this issue of hotel booking platform hosting strikes close to our heart. We’re sensitive to this.

Benefit from our sensitivity by checking out the guide that I have mentioned above so you can make the right decision.