How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing in The Hotel Niche?

The business of affiliate marketing has been in existence for quite a while, but seeing the number of sales, hospitality, and marketing professionals who are unaware of the numerous online opportunities in existence can be quite shocking. They would come up with questions like how do I start affiliate marketing? And, just what is Affiliate Marketing?

Hotels usually resort to a mixture of affiliate marketing techniques ranging from the primary methods such as creating their own uncomplicated affiliate marketing program that allows those who generate sales to be given a commission or working with the well-known online affiliate marketplaces such as Commission Junction to develop an affiliate program.

In case you’re wondering what the benefits are, online affiliate marketing basically uses the clout of the other established sites and networks to promote your brand and make sales based on performance.

Compared to banner advertising, this approach is much better as it does not need direct relationship management (as is the case with an online affiliate marketplace) and hoteliers are given the opportunity to partner with an increased number of quality sites online who can perform and sell on their behalf. Obviously, choosing your own affiliate system that you’ve created for the marketplace and/or yourself must be carried out with a lot of consideration for brand identity, processes, and reputation.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) also make use of highly successful affiliate programs to produce booking leads with payouts of 2-6% of booking revenues to affiliates such as GTA, etc. Other Online Travel Agencies make use of affiliate networks such as Expedia to deploy their programs.

Hotel chains like Sheraton, Four Points, Westin, Marriott, Choice Hotels, etc. have also resorted to affiliate programs to pass the message across to a variety of publishers in order to generate bookings worldwide.

This burgeoning hotel industry niche appears to have a promising future, so if you’re one of those rare species of hospitality professionals with a gleam in their eye every time the word Internet is mentioned, you should seriously be thinking about joining the affiliate marketing movement.