Invest in the right hvac filter for your Malaysian interior space


It really doesn’t matter whether you live in a high rise condominium, in a small apartment or in an interior space in the middle of a Malaysian farm field, you need the right hvac filter. There are no two ways about it.

As you already know, it can get quite hot in Malaysia. Malaysia, after all, is located in the tropics. The weather is no joke. Half the year, it’s raining, and the other half of the year, it’s baking. And to top things off, it can get quite humid.

Of course, everybody knows that in Malaysia, especially if you’ve been to the Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, air conditioning does a great job of combatting humidity. There’s nothing like the crisp, cold, dry air of solid air conditioning to cool you down quickly.

Now, with that said, whenever you run any kind of air conditioning unit, you need to start thinking about filtration systems for that unit. As you probably already know, if you let the AC run for a long period of time, you have to deal with the filter for that air condition unit. This is not going to be pretty because the longer you kick the can down the road as far as filter maintenance is concerned, all that debris is going to pile up.

An hvac filter that hasn’t been replaced or cleaned in a long time can look quite nasty indeed. While it may not be slimy, it is going to take quite a bit of elbow grease to clear up all the debris that piles up on the typical hvac filter.

You have to be proactive about this. You can’t be lazy. You have to come up with some sort of advance schedule so you can constantly monitor the amount of debris on your filter.

Now, eventually, you would have to replace it altogether. A lot of people in Malaysia actually prefer this because they just let the AC run for a ridiculously long period of time, and by the time they’re ready, they just take out the filter and put a new one on.

While this may seem convenient, please understand that it’s also very costly. We are talking about replacing equipment here. Instead of maintaining, you are replacing. There has to be a healthy balance between flat out replacement and maintenance.

The good news here is that with just regular periodic maintenance, you can go a long way in extending the product life of your hvac filter. We’re talking about possibly years. That’s a big deal because if you’re going to be paying top dollar for a new filter, all those replacement filters’ costs can add up to quite a bit of money. In fact, you can take all the money that you save to upgrade your complete hvac unit to greener and more efficient technology.

Why should you do that? Well, you’re probably going to save quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bills. This is how you play the game. It’s all about advance planning. It’s all about being systematic and methodical so you can save money the right way.