Make those traditional Malaysian songs come alive with the right gear from


Traditional Malaysian music can be played with the right guitar. In fact, playing traditional Malaysian songs on western guitars can really bring out the soul of any kind of music.

While there’s a lot to be said as far as authenticity and depth of meaning are concerned, when you use original, authentic indigenous Malaysian musical instruments, European guitars are no slouches when it comes to emotional musical expression. There are so many great songs made for the classical guitar.

You might want to consider picking up the right guitar gear or stringed instruments from Reviewplays features a list of a wide range of guitars. They give you all the information you need so you can rest assured that regardless of the specific tone or sound you’re trying to create, you can find the right model at reviewplays.

This is an amazing resource. I wish a lot more people use it because it truly blew my mind. I love traditional Malaysian music. In fact, I’m a very big fan of indigenous “aboriginal” Southeast Asian sounds. As you can well imagine, a lot of these sounds and tones are very hard to replicate using western stringed equipment.

While guitars in the hands of true blue professional musicians can go a long way in mimicking and recapturing a lot of aboriginal sounds and tones, it can’t quite get there. Maybe with enough training and practice, you can come up with something close. But there is still the layer or element of inauthenticity. To truly capture the heart and soul of any kind of cultural expression, you really have to have the right equipment. Otherwise, it would seem like you are engaging in the worst of form of condescension or worse yet-if that is possible-cultural appropriation.

Well, after checking out some reviews at reviewplays, I was able to spot the right guitar and guess what? All these traditional songs that I know by heart, I am able to produce using western traditional guitar.

Now, you may be thinking that some sort of weird fusion sound is produced. No. You get the authentic core or the soul of old school Malaysian songs that go back hundreds of years. It’s as if you play this song and you get all the emotional urgency of hundreds of years ago. It’s as if you’re playing the song completely undiluted, uncut and pure.

If you’ve ever spent some time in Malaysia, you know how awesome it is. You get a great view of the culture that Malaysia has to offer when you stay at places like the Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

And believe me, when I got my guitar from, I put it on a plane on my way to my regular business trip to Malaysia. When I checked into the Prince Hotel, there I was, playing traditional Malaysian music uncut, pure, and at high levels of emotional urgency. It truly is amazing. If I can do it, you can do it too.