Why should a new player buy a LOL account?

League of Legends or LOL is an extremely popular game that is played by tens of millions of gamers around the world. And new players are joining in on the game constantly. A new player to League of Legends has got two choices when it comes to the game. They can either create a level 1 account or buy an already fully leveled account. And if you are starting out in playing League of Legends, you may want to find lol accounts for sale, and buy one for yourself. This is especially true of you are still a newbie player to the game. There is actually a load of different reasons why a new player should buy a LOL account.

Be diamond or challenger rank right away

It is the dream of many different LOL players to reach a high ELO rank in the game. But to do that is very difficult and time-consuming. A player has got to win numerous different kinds of ranked games in order to get past bronze and silver rank. And that is much easier said than done. You would be able to save yourself a lot of trouble by winning ranked games if you just bought a LOL account. This is because there are actually already high-ranked LOL accounts that are available.

Have a complete level summoner account

Leveling up your summoner’s account in League of Legends can take several weeks to complete; reaching level 30 is not easy. But you would be able to save yourself a lot of time in leveling up if you just bought an account. If you bought an account, you would immediately have access to a level 30 summoner account. You would also be able to have all of the perks of having a level 30 account as well, such as more runes and masteries that are available.

Get rare and discontinued skins

There are a lot of extremely rare champion skins on League of Legends, such as PulsefireEzreal and Hextech Annie. If you want to gain access to those skins right away, you may want to buy a LOL account. There are League of Legends accounts for sale that already have all of the skins that you want.

Whenever you are actually going to start playing League of Legends, you have got to buy an account. You may be able to start a LOL account for free, but it would be so much more advantageous for you to a new player to have an account already ready. If you already have an account ready for the game, you may make it to the professional league. And if you are a professional LOL player, you could be invited to different tournaments around the world, such as in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are invited to a LOL tournament in that city, you would be able to stay at some of the most luxurious hotels in Kuala Lumpur. And for that reason alone it is worth it to find and buy, lol accounts for sale.